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Frequently Asked Questions

Do reach out to us if you have any other additional questions that have not been mentioned here. 


WECLIQUE.SG is a social & business network website for the purpose of connecting the dots of Social, Digital and InfoTech together under one portal. Be it for business interations or aspiring youths who are keen in technology to expand their network, you can get connected with IT practitioners from various industries and showcase your products for professional reviews.

You are welcome to fully utilize all the services within the portal including but not limited to networking, advertising and forums, at no cost. Current membership is upon invitation only. Feel free to write in to use if you are keen to apply.

There is no age restriction but you are subjected to the rules and regulations which make this portal safe for all ages to use.

Wherever you may be, for as long as you have connectivity to the internet, you will be able to access WECLIQUE.SG.

Yes, there is no restriction for you to search for anyone you might know or you would want to get connected to new cliques.

Getting Started

At this moment, membership is by invitation only but if you are keen to join, do write in to us.

There are options for you to self manage the settings and edit your profile.

Once you login to your profile, write in to @weclique and let us know about your interest to invite your friends. We will be happy to send out the invitation to them.